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Appendix D, Online Version

Having devoted roughly 40 chapters to development tools, this book has managed to scratch the surface. Java development tools are a hot and volatile market, and any list is destined for quick obsolescence. A good source of current information is the Blackdown site (, whose pages include links to Java development tools usable on Linux.

This appendix lists some development tools not covered in the chapters - with due apologies for any omissions.


Many Java IDEs are, like Inprise JBuilder, implemented in Java. Here is some of JBuilder's competition:

The list of available Java IDEs implemented natively on the Linux platform is small, but growing. Here are some current offerings:

GUI Builders


UML Tools

All tools listed here are implemented in Java and should be usable on Linux.


Here is some of the competition to InstallShield (see Chapter 52, "InstallShield: Creating Self-Installing Java Applications"):


Here is some of the competition to DashO-Pro (see Chapter 53, "DashO: Optimizing Applications for Delivery").


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