Resume of Professional Experience
Nathan Meyers


B.A., Physics, University of California at San Diego, 1979.

M.S., Computer Science, with highest distinction, National Technological University, 1996.


January, 2000 - May, 2001: Lead Software Architect, ShareThis, Inc. Responsible for architecture and development of the Java-based application server hosting the ShareThis collaboration services.

July, 1999 - December, 1999: Self-employed book author.

July, 1979 - July 1999: Software Developer and Architect, Hewlett-Packard Company.

1998 - 1999: Architect, HP Performance Color Solutions Operation. Responsibilities included technical leadership in the birth of a startup division devoted to delivering HP printing and e-business solutions.

1996 - 1998: Consultant, HP Workstation Technical Consulting Lab. Responsibilities included on-site presence at HP partner site (Mentor Graphics), consulting in technical and partnership activities, and leadership of HP development initiatives with partner.

1988 - 1996: Developer and architect in R&D lab responsible for HP workstation GUI and graphical software. Responsibilities included architectural and development work on the X Window System, the common desktop environment, and 3D graphics toolkits.

1979 - 1988: Developer in R&D lab responsible for HP calculators. Responsibilities included design and implementation of calculator operating systems, subsystems, device drivers, and ancillary tools.

Selected Projects

ShareThis LaunchPad: Architected and implemented a Java-based application server to host ShareThis collaboration services. Built on the ShareThis ROAPI (Replicated Object API) messaging platform, the server was designed for scalability, fault tolerance, security, and ease of administration. Related work included architecting and implementing the first-generation ShareThis portal, helping to specify and design the hosting environment, and designing the back-end database.

Partner Porting: Led and managed, in partnership with Mentor Graphics, porting of a key Mentor product to the 64-bit HP-UX architecture. The result was a significant HP market lead in introducing an important product on HP's 64-bit hardware.

X Font Technology: Served as lead architect for font technology in the HP release of the X Window System. Responsibilities included design and integration of scalable font technology into the X display and font servers, working with other vendors in the X Consortium to advance X font capabilities, authoring significant portions of font code in the sample X Window System implementation, and representing HP in the multi-vendor Common Desktop Environment fonts working group.

3D Graphics Demo Initiative: Led an HP initiative to create a demo suite for workstation 3D graphics capabilities. Responsibilities included architecting a demo framework and coordinating engineering and marketing activities between HP's Corvallis and Fort Collins R&D labs.

Video-Out: Served as lead developer on a Motif-based GUI and hardware/software interface for workstation video scan conversion hardware. Responsibilities included collaborative design with an industrial designer to define and implement an unorthodox and fun direct-manipulation interface to the video hardware.

Motif Financial Calculator: Begun as a personal project to explore the fusion of two successful interfaces - keystroke-based handheld calculators and Motif - this was released as contributed software with the HP-VUE desktop, and was later the subject of a paper for the Motif User's Group. Capabilities include Time Value of Money, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, and Depreciation computations.

Calculator Software Development System: Designed and implemented a PC-based software development system for ISVs developing products for the HP-41C calculator. Capabilities included keystroke compiler, assembler, linker, and EPROM programmer interface.

HP-71 Handheld Computer: Developed most of the device drivers for this handheld computer. Areas of development included memory configuration, magnetic card I/O, timekeeping, and a barcode reader.

Current Language and Other Proficiencies

Current primary expertise is in Java and C++ as programming languages, Perl as a scripting language, and Linux and Unix operating systems.


Inventor on U.S. Patent #5,864,832, A Method for Constructing A Holographic Neural Network With Evolutionary Algorithms , granted on 26 January 1999.

Papers and Conferences

"Soft Configuration Enhances Flexibility of Handheld Computer Memory," Hewlett-Packard Journal, July 1984.

"A Multi-Threaded Server for X and PEX," coauthored with John Brezak and Ian Elliott, X Window System Technical Conference, Boston, January 1990.

"Using the New Font Capabilities of HP-donated Font Server Enhancements," coauthored with Axel Deininger, The X Resource Journal, Summer, 1992.

"Vuefincalc: Lessons in Adapting a Successful User Interface to Motif," Motif '92 Conference, Washington, DC, November 1992.

"New Font Technology for X11R6," X Window System Technical Conference, Boston, January, 1994.


Java Programming on Linux, Macmillan Computer Press (Waite Group Press imprint), 866pp, published in January, 2000. Information available at